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Chocolate Sea Salt
A special treat that blends savoury and sweet. The crispy crunch of each bite goes well with the smooth, melting texture of good chocolate, while the salt offsets the flavour that bring balance to the sweetness of the dough and bitterness of the chocolate.

Rock sea salt is blended with dark chocolate to create a rich, versatile seasoning that gives twist to the taste.
Belgian Red Velvet with Almond
Made from high quality couverture Belgian chocolate, each chocolate cookie is packed with a mix of white and dark chocolate chips to create a sweet treat for the chocolate lover.

It is a tempting treat that any ages would enjoy.

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Lemon Granola
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M&M Chocolate Chip
Classic Chocolate Chip

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Hazelnut Crunchies
This crunchy, bite-size chocolate chip cookies with roasted hazelnuts flavour just seem to naturally come together really well.

You will love the chocolatey, crisp, nutty flavour of hazelnuts, along with their delicious crunch!

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